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  • Orthophotos are high-resolution, distortion-free, true-to-scale images of the earth's surface. They are produced by photogrammetric methods with the use of orientation parameters and of a digital terrain model from aerial photographs that are available as vertical images. Digital orthophotos are georeferenced. They are available for the entire area of NRW and are renewed in a 3-year cycle. They are produced according to the product standard of the Federal State, which is based on the specifications of an AdV standard (AdV (german): Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Vermessungsverwaltungen der Länder) and have a ground resolution of 10cm/pixel. They are 4-band multispectral images with a band assignment of RGBI (Red-Green-Blue-Near Infrared).

  • This data set contains the administrative boundaries at country level of the world and is based on the geometry from EBM v12.x. of EuroGeographics for the members of Eurogeographics, the Global Administrative Units Layer (2015) from FAO (UN) and geometry from the Turkish National Statistical Office. This dataset consists of 2 feature classes (regions, boundaries) per scale level and there are 6 different scale levels (100K, 1M, 3M, 10M, 20M and 60M). The public data set (1M - 60M) is available under the Download link indicated below. The full data set (100K - 60M) GISCO.CNTR_2016 is available via the EC restricted download link.