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    This catalog is for registering all metadata records held by the Geofffrey's Tube Palace Hotel Ballroom.

  • nuts: Administrative areas according to NUTS and OSM, rasterized to provide one single hierarchical code as pixel value for each county in EU.

  • osm: Quarries rasterized from OSM landuse polygons, first to 10m spatial resolution and after downsampled to 30m by spatial average.

  • osm: Farmyard rasterized from OSM landuse polygons, first to 10m spatial resolution and after downsampled to 30m by spatial average.

  • 332: Scree, cliffs, rock outcrops, including areas of active erosion, rocks and reef flats situated above the high-water mark, inland salt planes.

  • 211: Cultivated land parcels under rainfed agricultural use for annually harvested non-permanent crops, normally under a crop rotation system, including fallow lands within such crop rotation. Fields with sporadic sprinkler-irrigation with non-permanent devices to support dominant rainfed cultivation are included.

  • 421: Vegetated low-lying areas in the coastal zone, above the high-tide line, susceptible to flooding by seawater. Often in the process of being filled in by coastal mud and sand sediments, gradually being colonized by halophilic plants. Salt marshes are in most cases directly connected to intertidal areas and may successively develop from them in the long-term. Salt-pans for extraction of salt from salt water by evaporation, active or in process of abandonment. Sections of salt marsh exploited for the production of salt, clearly distinguishable from the rest of the marsh by their parcellation and embankment systems. Coastal zone under tidal influence between open sea and land, which is flooded by sea water regularly twice a day in a ca. 12 hours cycle. Area between the average lowest and highest sea water level at low tide and high tide. Generally non-vegetated expanses of mud, sand or rock lying between high and low water marks. The seaward boundary of intertidal flats may underlay constant change in geographical extent due to littoral morphodynamics. Range of water level between low tide and high tide may vary between decimeters and several meters in height.

  • 123: Infrastructure of port areas (land and water surface), including quays, dockyards and marinas.

  • The Land Cover Map of Europe 2017 is a product resulting from the Phase 2 of the S2GLC project. The final map has been produced on the CREODIAS platform with algorithms and software developed by CBK PAN. Classification of over 15 000 Sentinel-2 images required high level of automation that was assured by the developed software. The legend of the resulting Land Cover Map of Europe 2017 consists of 13 land cover classes. The pixel size of the map equals 10 m, which corresponds to the highest spatial resolution of Sentinel-2 imagery. Its overall accuracy was estimated to be at the level of 86% using approximately 52 000 validation samples distributed across Europe. Related publication: https://doi.org/10.3390/rs12213523

  • Areas with vegetation within or partly embraced by urban fabric. This class is assigned for urban greenery, which usually has recreational or ornamental character and is usually accessible for the public.